Bias in Rugby windfarm landscape capacity study


ASWAR calls for bias to be stuck from Rugby Borough's windfarm landscape capacity report.

Save these fields where history was made

A lovely letter describing some elements of how History abounds in this small corner of Warwickshire...


Johnny Ball is demonised by AGW believers

Beware the global warming fascists: Johnny Ball on how he has been vilified for daring to question green orthodoxy.


ASWAR Action Group Meeting - Monday 7th February at 7:30pm


The next ASWAR meeting will be at 7.30pm on Monday 7th February in Churchover village hall.

The agenda will include a discussion about The White consultancy's draft Landscape capacity study and an appropriate response to it on 8th February.

Do email uk if you have any thoughts and can't get to the meeting.

Rugby Borough Planning Public Meeting - Thursday 27th January 7pm


Rugby Borough planners have spent £18,000 on consultants from Cardiff to tell them where the landscape around Rugby could be suitable for wind turbines. These consultants are reporting their initial draft views at a public meeting to be held at Rugby town hall on Thursday 27th January at 7pm.

ASWAR Action Group Meeting - Monday 10th January at 7:30pm


This is a reminder that there is an ASWAR Action Group meeting at 7:30pm on Monday 10th January in the village hall at Churchover.

Cambridgeshire windfarm appeal thrown out


Plans for a wind farm in Linton have been quashed.

Renewable energy developers who wanted to build an eight-turbine wind farm at Little Linton Farm have had their appeal against a council planning decision thrown out.


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