Warwickshire heritage beauty spot protected!

Churchover celebrates and toasts the Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh and his anti-windfarm comments were toasted by the villagers of Churchover (see photo below) as they celebrated winning the fight against Scottish and Southern Energy’s proposal to build wind turbines across one of Warwickshire’s heritage beauty spots, the meandering Swift Valley below the conservation village of Churchover.

Six months ago Rugby Borough planning unanimously rejected the plans and this week it was announced that the developers had run out of time to appeal.

Mr Lorne Smith, chairman of ASWAR (Against Subsidised Windfarms Around Rugby) www.aswar.org.uk said:

We have won a significant battle but it was not the end of the war. ASWAR had realised from early days that this was not just a NIMBY issue and we set out to convince the wider public they also needed to fight against the subsidised windfarm scam.

He praised politicians like Roger Helmer MEP and Chris Heaton-Harris MP, both of whom sent personal messages of congratulations, who have helped, along with Lord Lawson, to lead the national shift in sentiment against subsidised windfarms.

He commended people to have a day in London on April 18th and join the National Windfarm Lobby of parliament to help put some back-bone into MPs attempts at changing this government’s disastrous energy policy before the lights start going out like a third world country, the countryside is devastated and fuel poverty increases further.

He felt a tipping point had been reached when 106 MPs had demanded recently that the government should slash windfarm subsidises and with anger increasing across the Shires, the government should listen to the people.