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Britain can't afford wind power

Telegraph View (Leader column)

 30 June 2013

Britain can’t afford to throw money at wind power.  Diversity should be key to energy policy, rather than putting all our eggs in the renewables basket.


Wind double subsidised

In a letter to the Sunday Telegraph -June 23rd-Roger Helmer calls for this lunacy to stop.


Deluded energy policy

A dangerously deluded energy policy and why the greens want to hide the truth about your soaring bills


Will UK politicians catch-up?

The EU U-turn over energy

Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph May 25th 2013

In March, we are now told (although it was reported here at the time), Britain came within hours of running out of gas and facing enormous power cuts. Meanwhile, almost wholly unnoticed by the British media, there were signs last week of a mighty earthquake beginning to take place in the EU’s energy policy.


'Windfarm Wars' company comes to Churchover

  Click Here to read how a community has protected itself from McAlpine/RES turbines.


Shale Gas update 2013

The green spin of environmental activists has skewed the fracking debate.

Says Peter Lilley MP a member of the House of Commons Climate Change Committee 


'smart' energy technology

‘Smart' technology will cost us billions - and thousands of lives


Peter Lilley MP, Delingpole's new hero


James Delingpole, a journalist and author on climate matters, stood as an anti-windfarm candidate in last November's By-Election in Corby, now lives just south of Rugby.

Below is an entry from his recent Telegraph Blog, that may use more colourful language than most, while his independant views highlight the strength of a recent speech in Parliament by Tory MP Peter Lilley on the problems of Coalition energy policy.

Peter Lilley MP, Loss of UK jobs.


The truth is that we are, by imposing on our business high energy costs in the UK, driving business abroad, some of it to China. By subsidising the investment in solar panels and wind turbines, we are creating opportunities for China to export to the UK and we are probably creating green jobs in China. But let us not pretend that we are creating any green jobs for ourselves, or any opportunities to export to China, that would not exist if we simply abandoned all our climate change commitments in this country.

Maggie U-turned on Global Warming


Whatever one thought of Margaret Thatcher, everybody is interested in what she thought.

Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph April 14th gives below the U-turn she made on man-made Global Warming.


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