About Us

ASWAR was formed in 2010 to fight the threats from wind turbines to the rural communities around Rugby and has been working collabratively with the various communities and other Windfarm Action Groups.

The wind lobby is experienced in spinning its global warming alarmist case on which its reason for existence depends . We look to attract your support by exposing the truth and opening the arguments to proper analysis.

We want to protect that most finite resource of all –

our iconic and unrenewable rural heritage.

We cannot agree that we should ruin it to save it.

We beleive in policies to conserve energy and the development of energy supplies like hydro and legitimate renewables and feel that nuclear and shale gas (read more) have a role in protecting our environment and the nation's competitiveness in the world.

We also believe it is our moral duty to warn against the wind turbine scam and how it not only vandalises many rural communities, increases the price of everybody’s electricity to pay for the ROC subsidies that go into the  rent-seeking, opportunist landowners’ and developers’ pockets, but reduces Britain's competitiveness in the world, drives jobs abroad and people into fuel pverty, while standing no chance of altering atmospheric CO2 concentrations, still less of deflecting climate change.

We are lucky to have many enthusiastic volunteers and have some experts who are leading the core activities of the campaign.

Coordination, politicians & Press Lorne Smith
Technical objection Chris Down
Research, Website & IT Darren Scott
Fund-raising Kate Mulkern
Publicity Bob O’Callaghan
Treasurer Richard Hayden
Photography & Video Paul Bunyard