The Arguments

There are three levels at which people object to windfarms

1) There are arguments surrounding the theory of man-made global warming.



Can wind turbines kill if they shed ice?

Are wind turbines shut down when there is a build-up of snow or ice on their blades that rotate at the end of the blade at around some 150 mph and shed ice some distance?

Well the wind lobby says they do. Don't trust them! See this YouTube video of rotating blades with ice build-up.


Increased Fuel Bills

This page will contain information about increased fuel bills.


Property de-valued

When people move to Churchover or Cotesbach and the surrounding area, to enjoy the beauty, peace and quiet of a conservation village and the fabulous countryside views and walks around the meandering Swift Valley, they paid a premium for their property in comparison to a less attractive area.

To not recognise the commonsense that these people will be financially affected when they want to move is a travesty, with anecdotal evidence overwhelming, but the wind lobby pretends it does not happen. 

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